User involvement in school

All students have the right to be involved in and have an influence on their school environment. All parents have the right to be involved by participating in councils and committees.


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Brukermedvirkning i skolen


Councils and committees in schools have the right to express their views and make suggestions on all matters concerning the school. They must be kept regularly informed about the school environment and have the right to obtain documentation on health, safety and environment initiatives. They must be included in the planning and implementation of environmental measures as early as possible. The students and parents must be notified as soon as possible if the school becomes aware of conditions in the school environment that may have a negative impact on the students’ health.

Each school must have a

  • Coordinating committee
  • School environment committee
  • Student council
  • Parent council.


None of the councils or committees have decision-making authority, but they do provide students and parents with an opportunity to exchange opinions and make joint statements.


Lover og retningslinjer

Chapter 11 and Section 9A-8 of the Education Act.



Rules and regulations

Samarbeidsutvalg og skolemiljøutvalg - Hasvik kommunes retningslinjer




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