Transport service for physically handicapped persons


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Transporttjeneste for funksjonshemmede (TT-ordning)


If you are physically handicapped and require door-to-door transport in order to participate in activities on the same basis as others, you may apply for a transport service (TT) card. This covers a specific number of journeys and you are required to pay a user fee for each journey. The TT card shall be used for journeys locally in your leisure time, and not for visits to the hospital, doctor, and for other journeys covered by the social security.


It is difficult for you to use normal public transport in the municipality.

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Transport services for the physically handicapped are the responsibility of the county municipality.

Lover og forskrifter

This service is not statutory. See county council guidelines.





The county authorities shall obtain the necessary information in order to determine the matter. A decision is consequently made. Normally a reason is given for the decision at the same time. You will always be given a reason if there are grounds to believe that you will not be satisfied with the decision. If the reasons are not stated, you may ask the county authorities. This should be done within the time limit for making an appeal.


The county authorities shall consider your application as soon as possible. If the matter cannot be determined within one month, you will be informed of this in writing with the reasons for the delay. At the same time you will be informed when you may expect to hear of the county's decision.

Appeal Option

If you are not satisfied with the decision, you may appeal within three weeks of having been informed. The appeal is sent to the authority which made the decision. In the letter you should state what changes you wish to be made together with the reasons for these. The county authorities can assist in this matter.



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