Spending time with children in public care

If you have a child in foster care or in an institution, you have the right to spend time with them, unless otherwise specified by law.

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    When a child is in foster care or in an institution, the child and their parents have the right to spend time with one another, unless otherwise specified. Even though the parents are unable to care for their child, it can be valuable for the child to have contact with their biological family. The child welfare services may decide that persons other than the parents will also have the right to have social contact with the child. 


    Parents and in special cases also grandparents, siblings, uncles/aunts or close friends of the child.


    What is best for the child?

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    The municipal child welfare services will prepare a draft decision. The County Social Welfare Board, which is a governmental body, will decide on the case. The County Social Welfare Board is a quasi-judicial body and is led by a lawyer. The Board is also composed of experts and lay persons.

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