Sheltered accommodation

Sheltered housing is accommodation for the elderly, sick or physically disabled and is specially designed for providing care.

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    Sheltered housing is a home that is made for the physically disabled and designed so that the resident can receive around the clock care as per their needs. The accommodation serves as the resident’s home. The resident pays rent and receives home care services on the same terms as others living at home.


    The elderly, sick, physically disabled and others.


    The municipality assigns sheltered housing according to the established rules.

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    This is not a statutory service. Living in sheltered housing is regulated by lease, c.f. the Tenancy Act. Decisions to allocate sheltered housing are made on an individual basis, with rights and obligations arising from the Public Administration Act.



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    Guidance - how to obtain this service

    You can contact the municipality for assistance in applying for sheltered housing, or you can ask others to help you if necessary. If someone else applies on your behalf, he or she must have authorisation.


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  • Procedural


    The municipality will obtain the information necessary for making a decision on the case. We will then come to a decision. You will normally receive an explanation together with the notification of the decision. You will always receive an explanation if there is a possibility that you will be dissatisfied with the decision. If an explanation is not included, you can obtain one by enquiring with the municipality within the deadline for appeals to the decision.


    The municipality will process the case as soon as possible. If a decision cannot be reached on the case within one month, you will receive a written message stating the reason as to why. You will also be informed of when the decision is expected to be made.

    Appeal Option

    If you are dissatisfied with the decision, you can appeal to the municipality within three weeks from the date on which you received it. Explain what you are dissatisfied with and why you believe the decision should be changed. If you need guidance, you can enquire with the municipality. If the municipality upholds its decision, the case will be passed on to the municipal appeals board, who will determine whether the appeal should be sustained.

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