Rules for primary schools

The school regulations include rules about behaviour at school and procedures to follow when the rules are violated.

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    Ordensreglement i grunnskolen


    The municipality will issue regulations regarding rules for primary and lower secondary schools and the county municipality will issue regulations regarding rules for upper secondary schools. The school regulations will provide rules for behaviour and conduct and procedures for when the rules are violated.

    The school regulations will be made available to students and their parents. 

    Sanctions that are not specified by the school regulations cannot be applied. Corporal punishment or other degrading treatment must not be used for any reason.

    Suspension for violating school regulations

    Students in grades 1-7 can be suspended from individual classes or for the rest of the day. Parents/guardians will be notified if a student is suspended for the rest of the day.

    Students in grades 8-10 can be suspended for up to three days.

    Students in upper secondary school can be suspended for up to five days or for the rest of the school year if they committed a serious violation of the rules.


    Students in primary through upper secondary school and their parents.


    Before the principal decides to suspend the student, the principal will consult the student’s teachers. Other remedial or disciplinary measures will be considered before the decision is made to suspend the student.

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    See in particular Sections 9A-10 and 9A-11 of the Education Act.



    Rules and regulations

    Forskrift om felles ordensreglement for skolene i Hasvik kommune


    Ordensreglement (Udir.)

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  • Procedural

    Appeal Option

    You can appeal the most serious of disciplinary measures, i.e. a decision to suspend the student for one or more days. The appeal must be made in writing and justified. Send your appeal to the principal. The deadline for appeals is three weeks after receipt of the decision notification. Indicate in your appeal what part of the decision you wish to be changed and provide justification for the changes. The county governor serves as the administrative appeal body. Before the appeal is sent there, the principal will consider whether there is any reason to change the decision.

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