Hasvik kommunevåpen

Resolution to restrict tourism in order to prevent and limit the spread of Covid-19 virus

The Municipal Executive Board of Hasvik’s case 20/2020 in meeting on the 15th of March 2020:
The following decision was unanimously passed:

In accordance with Law on Communicable Diseases § 4-1 2. paragraph, Hasvik Municipality has made the following decision:

From Sunday 15th of March 2020 all tourists are banned from entering Hasvik Municipality. 

Anybody who runs a tourist business in Hasvik Municipality must, from the same date, stop receiving visitors to their facilities.

Owners of tourist businesses are urged to cancel ongoing visits and to advice their staying guests to return home.

In addition, Hasvik Municipality points out that national regulations on quarantine and isolation for travellers must be followed. 

This decision is passed by Hasvik Municipal Executive Board, pursuant to Municipal Law, § 11-8, and is effective until otherwise decided.

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