Homework assistance in primary school

All students in primary and lower secondary school have the right to homework help at school. The school decides how many hours of homework help are offered to each grade.


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The municipality is obligated to provide free homework help for primary and lower secondary school students. The municipality can freely allocate homework help sessions between grades 1 through 10. Homework help is intended to help students with their school work. It is not considered part of their schooling, but should be viewed in this context. Participation is voluntary. The municipality is obligated to inform parents about their children’s right to homework help and the service that is offered. The municipality must ensure that the students receiving homework help have proper supervision and a good psychosocial environment.

The purpose of homework help is to give students support and the experience of mastering their school work, to provide a good setting for working independently and to help reduce social inequalities.


  • Eight hours of homework help will be offered per week for primary and lower secondary school students
  • The eight hours can be freely allocated between grades 1 through 10, as decided by the municipality
  • There is no requirement for the homework help staff to have pedagogical qualifications
  • Homework help staff are also required to obtain a police certificate
  • The student group must not be larger than what is safe and conducive to learning.

Service price

The service is free.

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Lover og forskrifter

The municipality is obligated to provide free homework help for primary and lower secondary school students.


Section 10-9 Police certificate and Section 13-7a The municipality’s obligation to provide homework help of the Education Act

Regulation to the Education Act Chapter 1A Homework help for primary and lower secondary school students.




Rules and regulations

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Appeal Option

Students and parents can ask that measures be taken with regard to the psychosocial environment. The municipality will process the case as soon as possible. If a decision is not made within a reasonable amount of time, you can still lodge an appeal as if the decision had been made.



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