Grades - right of appeal

Are you dissatisfied with your grades? You have the right to appeal any grades that will appear on your diploma. Your school must inform both you and your parents about your right to appeal and the deadline for appeals. Your school can help you submit an appeal if need be.

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    You can appeal any grades that will appear on your diploma. This applies to

    • Grades for general proficiency
    • Examination grades
    • Grades for subject/apprenticeship examinations and assessments of competence
    • Grades for order and conduct

    You can also appeal total qualifications (formal, non-formal and informal) assessments

    The deadline for appealing examination grades and grades for general proficiency is ten days. The deadline for appealing subject/apprenticeship examinations and assessments of competence is three weeks. Within the deadline, you can request a justification for grades in subjects with oral examinations, grades for general proficiency or grades for practical examinations. You cannot request a justification for written examination grades.


    • Students, apprentices, external candidates and candidates for experience-based trade certification (or whomever you have given written authorisation)
    • Parents of under-age students, apprentices or external candidates have an independent right of appeal.


    Students under the age of 15 cannot appeal without written consent from their parents.

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    Regulation to the Education Act Chapter 5 Appealing an assessment.

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    Guidance - how to obtain this service

    The appeal must be made in writing. It must be signed by you, the appellant, or by the person you have authorised. Indicate the decision you wish to appeal. You should give grounds for the appeal, but this is not necessary if you are appealing a written examination grade. Send the appeal to the school you attend. If you are an external candidate and did not attend classes, send your appeal to the school where the examination was held. Appeals of subject/apprenticeship examinations should be sent to the vocational training board in your county.


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  • Procedural


    An appeal may result in your grade being upheld, or it may be raised or lowered. If your appeal is successful, especially in cases of an oral examination, then your grade will be retracted and you will have the right to resit the examination.


    The school/appeals authority will process the case as soon as possible. If a decision cannot be reached on the case within one month, you will receive a written message stating the reason as to why. You will also be informed of when the decision is expected to be made.

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