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General Information about Hasvik

Hasvik municipality is located on Sørøya, the "green island" in Finnmark.
Sørøya is Norway's fourth-largest island and is located along the western Finnmark coast - more precisely at 70.40° N. The island is divided between the two boroughs of Hasvik (the south-western region) and Hammerfest (in the north-east). Of the islands population, 93 % live in the borough of Hasvik, which comprises the three main villages of Hasvik in the south, Sørvær at the western tip and Breivikbotn within the Breivik fjord between the two villages.


With about 400 residents, Hasvik is the hub of Sørøya's community. Here you will find the airport with twice-daily flights between the mainland (once during weekends), linking Hammerfest and Tromsø with comfortable ease. There is also a daily car ferry connection to Øksfjord, as well as a speedboat connection between Hammerfest every Friday. In Hasvik, you will also find a recently renovated health centre, the local police station (ligningskontoret, trygdekontoret), and several different schools from Kindergarten stage.
Sommerdag i Hasvik - Copyright Anne Olsen-Ryum
Hasvik - Copyright © Anne Olsen-Ryum


Breivikbotn, located 17 km from Hasvik, has a population of approximately 300 and is the youngest village in the borough. Breivikbotn is the seat of administration that includes the Town Hall. As a result of its location within the bay of the Breivik fjord, the town is somewhat sheltered from the elements. The Breivikfjord is nicknamed "Lofoten in miniature" because of its rich fishing grounds and resemblance to the fjords typical to the Lofoten area. The annual cod fishing season from the end of February until the beginning of May draws commercial fishing boats from near and far. The local fishing fleet is the major source of income.
Breivikbotn - copyright Anne Olsen-Ryum
Breivikbotn - copyright Anne Olsen-Ryum


Sørvær is approximately 40km from Hasvik and has a population of about 200. Sørvær has throughout its history been a typical fishing village in which most of the population depend upon its maritime resources. Situated on three small barren islets, making agriculture virtually impossible, fishing has become the only source of income throughout the centuries. The Sørvær dialect varies from that spoken in Hasvik and Breivikbotn, since it has been significantly influenced by commercial fishermen from northern Troms, who came here to fish for spawning cod. The Sørvær deep-sea fishing tournament is held each year and is part of "Sørøydagene", a summer festival each July. The fishing tournament takes place over two days (Friday and Sunday) and experienced anglers from all over Norway compete alongside the local fishermen. During this period, the small village is full of festivity!
Sørvær - copyright Anne Olsen-Ryum
Sørvær - copyright Anne Olsen-Ryum


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