Financial advice

If you have payment or debt problems, the municipality can provide financial advice.


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Økonomisk rådgivning


If you have payment or debt problems, the municipality can provide financial advice. You shall, to the best of your ability, attempt to reach an arrangement with those to whom you owe money. But you can get assistance to draw up a realistic budget, negotiate with creditors and enter into a debt settlement agreement. The Labour and Welfare Administration has also established a nationwide telephone service that can provide basic guidance (see the link in the brochure field).

Brosjyrer, dokumenter, kart og lignende

Økonomirådstelefonen i Nav
Hjelpetilbud i kommunen

Lover og retningslinjer

This is a statutory service.



Rules and regulations

Forskrift om livsoppholdssatser

Rules and regulations

Gjeldsordningsloven - veiledende livsoppholdssatser


Guidance - how to obtain this service

You should have the following with you at the first meeting:

  • Latest tax certificate
  • The balance on all accounts
  • A copy of your rent or lease contract to document your living expenses
  • Wage income and social security benefits in the past three months
  • Documentation of any housing benefit
  • Information on loans, credit debt, etc.
  • Receipts for payment of rent and electricity
  • Expenses for doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, dentists, etc.
  • Expenses for day-care, after-school or other child care
  • Expenses for insurance
  • Information on deposits on savings plans


The municipality shall consider the matter as soon as possible.



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Telefon:55 55 33 33
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Besøksadresse:NAV Hasvik 9590 HASVIK
Åpningstid:09.00 - 15.00


Navn:Odd Ivar Gladsø
Telefon:55 55 33 33


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