Environmental problems or risks (notification hereof)

If you have health problems or are exposed to health risks related to environmental conditions, you can report this to the municipality.


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Miljøplager eller -risiko (melding om)


If you have health problems or are exposed to health risks related to environmental conditions, you can report this to the municipality. The municipality can investigate the matter and possibly issue directives on environmental impact assessment, rectification, coercive fines or suspension.
Problems may for example relate to:

  • Indoor climate in public buildings
  • Noise
  • Air pollution or odours
  • Pests
  • Risk of accidents
  • Smoking

The authorities and the public today are very aware of how important the environment is for your health and what can cause sickness and disease. The municipality has a responsibility to engage in preventive measures and oversee various environmental factors and enterprises, such as institutions, factories, dining venues and animal husbandry.


Residents of the municipality


It is not a requirement that an injury or accident has occurred before you notify the municipality. It may be appropriate to take action before someone becomes sick.

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Rules and regulations

Forskrift om miljørettet helsevern

Rules and regulations

Veileder i miljørettet helsevern



The municipality shall obtain the information necessary to evaluate whether there are grounds to require a business or property to implement measures to remove/reduce negative health impacts. The municipality's means of achieving this are through decisions on investigation, correction, suspension and possible fines. The municipality will exercise professional judgement. There must be a reasonable relationship between the benefits and costs of a measure. You will usually receive an explanation along with the decision. You will always receive an explanation in case you are unhappy with the decision. If the reason is not included, it can be obtained by contacting the municipality before expiry of the deadline for appealing the decision.


The municipality shall consider the matter as soon as possible. If the matter cannot be settled within one month, you will receive written notification of the reasons for this. You will also be informed when you can expect the decision to be made.

Appeal Option

If you are dissatisfied with the decision, you can appeal to the municipality within three weeks of receiving it. If the municipality decides not to take any action in the matter, this is also regarded as a decision that you can appeal. If you have not been informed that the municipality will not do anything, the deadline for appeals will not apply You must still appeal within a reasonable period of time after the municipality has concluded the matter. Explain why you are dissatisfied and why you think the decision should be changed. Please contact the municipality if you need assistance. If the municipality upholds its decision, the matter will be forwarded to the county prefect, who determines whether the appeal should be accepted.



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